Seeking The World of Pineapple Tarts

Rate tarts are the savvy bargain hunters of the Mastercard world. They abuse the charge card system without limit and thus:

  • avoid paying interest on their purchases

  • manage to acquire cash on their cards almost for nothing

  • proceed to make more cash with the amount they acquired!

Rate tarts are aware that the consumer is king. They also realize that Mastercard companies will do almost anything to get new customers and will regularly offer various types of incentives to attract them. While selecting a card and spending cash, a veteran rate tart follows a simple guideline – they use just the credit that offers 0% APR.

A smart rate tart actively hunts for a Mastercard that charges a 0% interest rate. The tart will just use that card for all purchases. When the 0% scheme or offer is about to finish, and the normal interest rate is about to begin, the rate tart stops using that card and begins the cycle all over again by looking for another 0% card.

How Rate Tarts Exploit Balance Transfers

When they hit the jackpot they will just transfer the balance obligation from the more established card to the more up to date one. This costs them almost nothing, the credit company sometimes completes all the paper work, and they continue enjoying the cash at 0% interest.

The Golden Rule of Rate Tarts

Tarts save one card for making purchases and another one for balance transfers. They never use the same card for the two activities. This is for a simple reason – most cards will slot the least expensive items for repayment first and the most expensive items will be assigned last.

So, in the event that a pineapple tarts singapore manages to get a balance transfer at 0%, at that point all their additional purchases will attract interest. This is because the Visa company will allow the balance transfer to be paid off first and then they will allow the expensive purchases to attract interest for a more drawn out timeframe.

Rate Tarts and Minimum Payments

Experienced rate tarts make their minimum payments regularly and then add a piece on the top for two reasons:

  • It keeps their financial assessments intact

  • The extra payment also ensures that their attractive 0% rate is not cancelled suddenly

Rate Tarts Tips

  • Keep track of the precise date their 0% APR or balance transfer offer finishes

  • Apply for another card before making huge purchases like a car or starting another business, and so on

  • Select one card at 0% APR for purchases

  • Select another card at 0% with the expectation of complimentary balance transfers

  • Note down the expiry date of the new offer