Psychic Anatomy Influences Physical Health and Performance

The anatomy of your mind, an important part of your mind-body-spirit, is as real as your physical body. The three most compact parts are observed and analyzed clinically, these would be the Aura chakras and auric bodies undefined, Meridians traditionally found in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine undefined and Incan records undefined and Internal Aura shown in the analysis of bio electromagnetism. Before getting into details about them, allow me to introduce the energies that they work with, which I call psychic energies.

Exotic energies, the energies of your psyche or consciousness, can be Located in historical records from most cultures from all over the world Chi, quid, prank, kid, manna, nod, soul, emotional and mental energies. These records contain information regarding psychic anatomy also. There are lots of scientific studies involving psychic energies. Of particular importance for this article are the ones which have noticed that the electromagnetic waves that they create when powerful enough.

Psychic energies are controlled by how you focus your attention aka. Psyche or consciousness which indicates whether giving your attention to feelings, thoughts or the words that occurs around you, doing this attracts and empowers the existence of associated psychic energies in your psychic anatomy. Once a part of your anatomy, these energies behave as your subconscious mind, influencing you to get the exact same and similar ideas and emotions. Your physical health and performance can be significantly influenced when they get strong enough. This is a good example of the mind-body-spirit connection.

Healthy thoughts and emotions improve the health and performance of your Psychic anatomy that described by Psychic Near Me and their ideas, emotions and physical body, while unhealthy ones oppress it. When in the presence of healthy or unhealthy psychic energies, such as those connected with all the people you spend time with, this happens. From self-help methods to those associated with religious practices energy psychology is embracing several of these techniques, you will find many to help enable the existence of healthy psychic energies and diminishing the unhealthy ones inside you.

The benefits of improving the health and performance of your psychic anatomy include the consciousness ex. clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, sixth sense, remote viewing and control ex. the modalities of Energy Healing-Empowerment undefined of psychic energies, manifesting, and linking spiritually to other spirits and people. In this guide, you will concentrate on the improvement of health and physical and functionality.

My theory, which generally is agreed upon by specialists, is that your Aura Fills with the healthy psychic energies connected with everything you lent your attention to, these energies become absorbed by your meridians and are then radiated into your Internal Aura by them, and affecting biochemistry electromagnetically the body is quite sensitive to electromagnetism.

Several technologies already exist that use the science behind this theory search pulsed electromagnetic frequency apparatus and biofeedback online. A leader in the area is the institute of Hearth Math. Their research has shown how the electromagnetic rhythms of the heart are affected by Emotions, ideas and psychic energies. Of particular interest for this Guide, is the discovering of the heart acting as the dominant influence into the Bio electromagnetic activity of the full body in important ways this includes the brain.