How Instagram Likes And Followers Drives Business In Recent Times?

Rising Popularity Of Social Media

Nowadays social media has become increasingly popular among young people especially websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In this digital age, people crave for more likes and followers in social media. Some people have even channelled a source of income through Instagram where in exchange of social media post they can earn money.

For lifestyle bloggers, Instagram has turned out to be a full-fledged career where now they more likely to be associated with the term “digital influencer” or “social media influencer”. Even celebrities worldwide are making a huge chunk of money by posting pictures and endorsing brand sponsorships that they have tied up with.

Why get more likes?

With the increasing number of followers, they will earn more brand deals. This is coined as “engagement”. Instagram keeps modifying its user interface as they get more user friendly and become more convenient for people to use. They are constantly making changes and initiating new features such as Instagram Live where celebrities can connect with more number of audiences.

IGTV which is a new video feature started by Instagram where creators can make short video content for audiences. They are going viral in no time. The videos often have hands-on increasing the popularity of the content creator. These videos and posts hugely influence the young generation as they are inspired by the different fashion choices of their favourite bloggers.

Also, Instagram paves a good platform for aspiring bloggers, poets and creators to showcase their talent. Different pages are attributing to different styles of content. Some specialising in food, some fashion and some travel.  Maintaining a well-curated page takes efforts, hence more creators have teams working in hindsight who are strategizing and conceptualising different ideas to pull more audiences and to attract good engagement with brand deals. It takes no effort to understand that Instagram is a good money-making opportunity since nowadays pictures speak a thousand words.

Instagram Likes and Follows

How Instagram Algorithm Works

It is unknown to most people that Instagram also follows a certain algorithm to attract pulls of audiences. The Instagram algorithm also decides which posts are liked by people. As people mostly will get to see content or posts that they like to see and the feed will surely work according to that. It has been observed that the “hashtag” trends continue to work. With people posting content online, tagging different brands and names will likely garner more visibility among followers. Writing a well-drafted caption which has more wit and creates suspense among the followers brings out the likeability of the post among them. Talking about different social issues or an on-going trending topic also attracts a major chunk of followers.

Instagram – A Money Making Opportunity

Nowadays, Instagram is not only limited to posting photos of vacations or what someone does in their pastime, but it has also developed into a profitable business opportunity with for brands where the number of likes and followers gets to decide how the brand is performing in the market.