Amazing Facts About Limousines

We all have seen limos being used by our lived ones on special occasions. There are many Limo Service Salt Lake City companies that you can choose from to make your personal occasions memorable. All of us have probably experienced a limo ride in our lives. But do you know much about limos?

Here are some of the most interesting facts about limos that very few people actually know.

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The Name “Limousine”

You might be shocked to know that there is no car manufacturer or brand named “Limousine”. In fact, the word limousine is given to specific vehicles that possess certain characteristics. Limos are a bit larger as compared to a usual car, and have a separate partition for the driver to give the passengers complete privacy.

The First Limousine

Do you know when the first limousine was manufactured? It was in 1902, and the limo that time hadn’t the usual long body that today’s limos have. That limo had a separate covered compartment for the driver, who sat outside the vehicle to ensure that the passengers get complete privacy.

Originof The Word “Limousine”

The word Limousine actually related to the Limousinregion in France. The first limo was designed like a shepherd dress (including a cloak and hood), to protect themselves from the elements.

Origin of The Word “Chauffeur”

Limo drivers are called chauffeurs. This word also originated from the French language. Chauffeur, in French means stoker, from stoking the engine.

The First Stretch Limo

The first stretch limo dates back to 1928. It was manufactured in Fort Smith, Arkansas. In the very start, they were referred to as “Big Band Buses” because they were mostly used by band leaders for transport.

Limos were also the first type of cars ro be fitted with air conditioning.